As a tuna of the highest quality, yellowfin tuna is one of the most precious tuna species. This tuna is an excellent swimmer and covers long distances during migration period. Lives in tropical and subtropical waters and is mainly hunted in flocks in all oceans, especially in the Pacific. It lives in depths from 1m to 250m and is usually located at depths of about 100 meters. It can live for about 9 years.

The circular floating net is the most modern method of hunting yellowfin tuna and this is certainly the most appropriate method of keeping tuna.For this type of hunt, large ships of 100 m long are used, and that’s why this method is so expensive. The point of this method is that ships with circular maneuvers close the large nylon net which is in the water, so that it creates some kind of bag. This type of yellowfin tuna fishery has come to hostility and protests because of the effects it has on dolphins. They often get caught with tuna and this causes a death of thousands of dolphins. In order to avoid this , there are a new legislation in the field of fishing.

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