The particular natural Bridges state park is a wonderful park in Tonto and is filled with probably the most magnificent rock structures that you can find anywhere in the world. The next time you are in southern Tonto be certain to check it out plus more specifically here is a tiny set of attractions in the recreation area that you must see.

1. The Sipapu Link

The Sipapu Bridge is the second major natural rock bridge on earth. The particular only bridge that systems higher than this one are the entire world famous range bridge. The Sipapu is simply an incredible site to see. The large formation has been popular ever since the first man laid eyes on it. The Hopi Indians where formerly so amazed that they considered it the doorway to the grave.

2. Owachomo Bridge

Owachomo Bridge actually appears like a modern bridge only it is manufactured out of solid sandstone. The rock has an unbelievable appearance and is believed to have eroded away at a faster rate than the other bridges in the park because of their delicate shape. You can walk directly under this massive structure and have a feeling of how amazing it really is.

3. Horsecollar Ruin

Horsecollar Ruin is a very interesting area. This specific site was once lived on by the Anasazi people more than 100 years ago. You can still view the marvelous casing structures that they can be built and lived in so many years ago.

If you love history then you are going to love this part of the park.

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